"When you have more than you need,

build a longer table

not a higher fence."

Our Goal: $20,000

Who are we?

We are a group of family, friends and neighbours in Waterloo that want to do something about the refugee crisis in a practical way. We know that we have more than enough and we want to pool our resources to give a family a better life. We want to build a longer table.

Why Give?

The Need

A family being settled is required to be fully supported by the sponsors, with no social assistance. The sponsors are legally responsible to provide housing, food, clothing and all living expenses for the first 12 months in Canada.

The Cost

The estimated cost to sponsor a family of four is approximately $19,000. Budgets can vary depending on a number of factors such as housing type and location. Ultimately the family determines their own budget when they arrive.

Where it Goes

Every dollar goes directly to the family. Donations are being collected by a local church, Elevation Waterloo, that will issue charitable tax receipts. Elevation will deposit the funds to the family each month based on their own family budget.